Producing lemon cooler bags for export to Japan

Producing lemon cooler bags for export to Japan

Producing lemon cooler bags for export to Japan

We are Vietnam OEM cooler bags manufacturer with more than ten years in processing and exporting bags and backpacks.

Besides cooler bags, we produce other products such as:

  • Backpacks: school backpacks, travel backpacks, laptop backpacks, traditional backpacks, functional backpacks, gym backpacks, sports backpacks, Travel Carry-on Backpacks,…
  • Bags: cooler bags, travel bags, sports bags, cosmetic bags, leather bags, medical bags, school bags, lunch bags, pet carrier bags, promotion bags, tool bags, shopping bags, tote bags,…

Our products are exported to all over the wold such as: Korea, Japan, Canada, England, USA, Belgium,…

Cooler Bag is the main product in our factory.

Cooler Bags can be made from the following materials: Canvas, Cotton, Neoprene, Nylon, Polyeste, Vinyl
Cooler Bags with different size: small, medium, large, 5l, 10l, 15l, 20l. 25l, 30l. 35l,…

Cooler Bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You’re able to fit anything from a small snack to a full buffet, depending on the capacity. If packed correctly, small cooler bags can fit about 5 to 10 items, medium can fit roughly 15 items, and large anywhere from 20 and beyond.

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Product Description of Lemon Cooler Bags export to Japan

  • Name of product: Lemon Pattern Cooling Bag
  • Material: Polyester, Aluminum
  • Bag Size: W340xH350xD200 (mm)
  • printing: full-body printing
  • Lemon Cooler Bags are used to protect the temperature sensitive products or conditioned products such as fresh or chilled products, frozen products and ambient products. The purpose of the cooler bag is to maintain or protect the product temperature as long as possible or to decrease the speed of the temperature change of the product. In this case the insulation quality of the cooler bag will determine the time of the temperature preservation of protection.
  • This product is used to travel, shopping, picnic,…

Contact information for companies manufacturing cooler bag for export in Vietnam

Contact us in Vietnam:
☑️Tel: (+84) (0) 987 499 592  (Wechat)
☑️Email:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ☑️Website:
☑️Office: A2 building, Phuong Dong Green Park apartment, No 1, Tran Thu Do street, Hoang Liet ward, Hoang Mai district, Ha Noi city
☑️Factory: area 23, Ngo Thi Sy street, Nam Son ward, Tam Diep City, Ninh Binh Province

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About Hotline: 0987 499 592

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